Brand Story

In 2008, our Founder was planning a wedding.   Photo Booth's were a big hit at social events.   But no one was making a frame to hold the pictures that were printed.  Like many great companies, an idea was born out of necessity.  Brian decided to manufacture a frame for his wedding guests.  After the wedding, family and friends wanted more frames.   So a website was established and the business started.  


Now many years later, our photo booth frames have been enjoyed by Millions of people in all 50 states, and many countries across the world.  We continue to innovate, and be an industry leader.  


We create simple products on purpose.   The main purpose is you, the customer.   We are small enough to care about every customer we have.  So feel free to reach out for any reason.   


Thank you for supporting our small Michigan based family business.   

Picture Perfect Supply LLC is affiliated with pbf PHOTO BOOTH FRAMES, Screed Plus, Music Mill Entertainment, and Chouinard Vineyards